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The Shelf Life: A Podcast Sitcom

May 14, 2020

Do you hear that dripping sound?

On the Season 1 finale, Edwin gets ready for his first author event at the shop, with help from Lucy, Vincent, Sarah, and Mrs. Larson.

A catastrophic event, however, throws everything into chaos and an unexpected guest shows up to throw a wrench into the night's festivities.



Apr 30, 2020

A strange author wants Edwin to sell an even stranger book while Mrs. Larson and Vincent glean more information about Blue Cat Books' tragic past.


Edwin Charles: Harry Marks | Twitter

Customer: Johnny Gamber | Twitter

Vincent Hughes: Stuart Lennon | Twitter | 1857 Podcast

Mrs. Larson: Sarah Blair | Twitter


Apr 20, 2020

A self-righteous crusader organizes a protest outside the store, but Edwin won’t be bullied that easily. And Vincent’s relationship with his daughter has led to some unexpected consequences.


Edwin Charles: Harry Marks | Twitter

Vincent Hughes: Stuart Lennon | Twitter | 1857 Podcast

Abigail Humphries: Darci...

Apr 13, 2020

A customer sends Edwin on a wild goose chase for a book that may or may not exist, while Vincent sheds some light on a difficult situation.


Edwin Charles/Customer 1: Harry Marks | Twitter

Vincent Hughes: Stuart Lennon | Twitter | 1857 Podcast

Customer 2: Tim Wasem | 

Apr 6, 2020

An unexpected—and unwelcome—visitor drops a bombshell in Edwin's lap that will change the future of Blue Cat Books forever, and the mail carrier brings a visitor from Edwin's past back to the present.

At least Vincent, Sarah, and Mrs. Larson are there to help, even if Edwin never asked for it.

Edwin Charles: Harry...